Sam & the Yeti

I’ve written a book…woo hoo. Sam & the Yeti. I started one about ten years ago and never quite finished it. This one just spewed out in about 2 years. And its packed full of yummy food. Lemon curd and turnips!!! Sam has been waiting for twelve years, but no magical owls have flown through… Continue reading Sam & the Yeti


Google Buns

I think I read the Enid Blyton stories of The “Faraway Tree” in the Enchanted Wood a gazillion times growing up. I recently bought a new copy just to re-live the great stories. The stories tell the tale of three children that move into a house next to an Enchanted Wood and find a tree… Continue reading Google Buns


Bananaman – Banana Cake

This is an homage to all thing BANANA! Remember this from the 80s….”this is 29 Acacia road, and this is Eric, a schoolboy who lives an amazing double life. Because when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs. Eric is Bananaman, ever alert for the call to action.” It had hilarious voice overs from… Continue reading Bananaman – Banana Cake


Moomins Cook Book

My lovely friend Rachel just sent me this book as a surprise – “The Moomins Cookbook: An Introduction to Finnish Cuisine”.   Now, when its sub-zero outside and your wearing two pairs of tights, a blanket and a woolly hat – Finnish Troll cooking is just the thing you need! The cook-book is based on… Continue reading Moomins Cook Book


The Alchemaster’s Apprentice

“Cooking is alchemy and alchemy is cooking” It’s such a shame that the books of Walter Moers haven’t become as popular as the Hunger Games or Twilight, because they are just as magical and just as imaginative. I thought I’d give you a literary taste of one of his greatest creations – and one of… Continue reading The Alchemaster’s Apprentice


Fraggle Salad

I loved Fraggle Rock…for some reason we were forbidden from watching it growing up. I have no idea why. The theme tune was catchy. It had ecological messages and all centred around a very healthy mis-understood vegetable – the radish. I definitely snuck in the odd episode here and there. Red, Goober and Wembley were… Continue reading Fraggle Salad


Ponyo Taiyaki

Ponyo is a crazy adventure about a rebellious goldfish that defies her father who is a sorcerer and swims to the mainland. She meets a young boy, Sosuke who looks after her as she gradually transforms into a little girl. In her transformation she accidentally sets off an oceanic surge that fills the sea with… Continue reading Ponyo Taiyaki


James and The Giant Peach – Cloud Men Meringues

‘Once, as they drifted silently past a massive white cloud, they saw on the top of it a group of strange, tall, wispy–looking things that were about twice the height of ordinary men… “Ssshh!” James whispered back. “Don’t let them hear you! They must be Cloud–Men!”‘ I definitely had nightmares about the Cloud-Men from James… Continue reading James and The Giant Peach – Cloud Men Meringues

japanese food

Spirited Away Dumplings

Spirited Away was the first Japanese anime movie I ever saw…and I was completely hooked afterwards. It is the story of a girl who moves to a new town with her mother and father. Before they get to their new house, they take a detour and come across a deserted town. The streets are filled… Continue reading Spirited Away Dumplings


The Moog Coffee Eclairs

“One of the nicest of all the small people that live in Doiley Wood, is the Moog. Not the brightest of animals perhaps, but a heart of gold. It is thought that he might be some type of dog. But no one is quite sure.” “I think I am a doggy!” This is one of… Continue reading The Moog Coffee Eclairs

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Alice in Wonderland’s Grilled Lobster Quadrille

“You may not have lived much under the sea—” “I haven’t,” said Alice. “And perhaps you were never even introduced to a lobster—” Alice began to say, “I once tasted—” but checked herself hastily, and said, “No, never”. “So you can have no idea what a delightful thing a Lobster-Quadrille is!” “No, indeed,” said Alice.… Continue reading Alice in Wonderland’s Grilled Lobster Quadrille


Happiness is a warm…Donut!

Mmmmmmmm doughnuts! I can’t help myself. This is my third doughnut post. I’m so sorry, but it was rainy and cold outside. I was reading an article in the paper this week about scientific tests to determine what makes us happy. Finding money in your pocket, chocolate, watching funny movies and a warm puppy, naturally… Continue reading Happiness is a warm…Donut!