Green Eggs & Ham

Getting people to eat green eggs is not easy. My parents were horrified when I made it when I was 12 and banned me from cooking. I knew how Sam felt – chasing people up trees, in trains and boxes to get people to try it. Why are people so prejudiced against green eggs. It can’t be the colour – we are perfectly willing to eat green vegetables, green soup, even green drinks.

I love eggs, eggs of all types and varieties. Fried eggs on toast, fried eggs with breadfruit, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, boiled eggs with a bit of mayonnaise and squished on toast, or my friend’s amazing creamy scrambled eggs on soda bread.  The only types of eggs I don’t like are the soft, runny, vaguely heated ones that accompany Kaya toast (hot buttered toast with coconut spread) – a delicacy in Singapore.

Despite this – egg travesty – I am a firm believer that you could probably live off eggs – much like Mr Strong of the Mr Men. Eggs crop up all over children’s literature as the ultimate comfort food (watch Calcifer cook up eggs in Howl’s Moving Castle). Even Mog the Cat likes licking boiled eggs.

I bought some amazing ‘egg-lunchboxes’ back from Japan, which mould your boiled egg into the shape of a rabbit or cat for you to carry to work without it smelling.

As an egg cheerleader – I knew I could make green eggs that were delicious and not just vile looking.

I initially tried dying a whole egg with green food colouring, but the dye just floats about without dying the albumen.

I thought about painting a fried egg, but that would be cheating.

I tried spraying it green, but it looked like it had chicken pox.

It needed to be delicious, nutritious and not just green.

The only other option was scrambled eggs. In a moment of inspiration (and after a bottle of Prosecco) a friend recommended adding wasabi! Genius! Whipping the eggs with a dollop of wasabi was perfect and they tasted amazing. Topped off with a sprinking of cayenne pepper. All accompanied by side of cider roasted ham with honey and wholegrain mustard and broad beans.

In a quick Google search I actually discovered that there are such things as green eggs. They come from the Araucana South American chicken…is it possible to get hold of these? The quest for the green egg will continue. They must be MINE!


4 thoughts on “Green Eggs & Ham

  1. I can confirm that just adding green food colouring to scrambled eggs makes them taste – as well as look – fowl!

  2. I’ve tried them (with some apprehension) with wasabi and can confirm… they *are* delicious!

    Who would have thought!?

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