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The Hunger Games

I told my mum to buy The Hunger Games, then stole it off her before she had a chance to read it. Sorry mum. You were too slow. Plus you’re reading about 8 books at once. I only started reading The Hunger Games on Friday night and haven’t been able to put it down…I’ve just… Continue reading The Hunger Games


Krabby Patty

Sponge: Poriferans. Multicellular organism. Consisting of jelly-like mesohyl sandwiched between two thin layers of cells. Disposition: Simple animal. Lives in the sea. Eats: Plankton. Friends: None. Hermaphroditic. Pastimes: Filter feeding. SpongeBob: Sponge, bright yellow, wears square pants. Disposition: Naive, energetic and always optimistic. Lives in an underwater pineapple. Eats: Krabby Patties. Friends: Sea Snail (Gary),… Continue reading Krabby Patty


Mortimer’s Dangerous Donuts

I’ve never really liked birds. I don’t really like looking at them. I’ve never understood bird watching or why you would keep a bird (although I’ve always been fascinated with the dried cuttlefish budgies have). You can’t really pet them. They’re not fluffy, mainly twitchy and pecky.  My aunt did keep an interesting love-bird who… Continue reading Mortimer’s Dangerous Donuts


Totoro’s Sushi

Watching a Hayao Miyazaki movie is like seeing a cartoon in colour for the first time. Every blade of grass is a distinct shade of green, each cloud has its own fluffy uniqueness. They are so beautiful and dreamlike, but my favourite, is My name is Totoro. This is a cute story about Satsuki and… Continue reading Totoro’s Sushi