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Hamburgers, Berliners and Franzbrotchen

No recipe this week – but mainly because I’m recovering from the after-effects of a long weekend in Germany where I ate precisely the following:

Sushi, elderflower and mint Prosecco cocktail (check out the recipe here), tomatoes stuffed with mozzarella, fresh seeded rolls, hard boiled eggs, cold meats and cheeses, ham omelette
chocolate and maple spreads, flaming spicy chorizo, meatballs, more cheese, jelly bears, deep fried peppers, garlic prawns, lemon chicken, stuffed mushrooms, a large chicken kebab, bacon, more cheese, panna-cotta, chocolate mousse, salmon roll up, more eggs, orange juice, an orange lollipop, beer and a lot of champagne and vodka.

And some of these delicious Berliner doughnuts!

These Franzbrotchen are a bit like flat cinnamon rolls – delicious! A great hangover cure with that flaky pastry and sweet sticky insides.

However, I am sure I burnt it all off considering we rowed down the River Elbe, danced till dawn and roamed about Hamburg’s great parks.

I have a great picture book which I bought in Hamburg a few years ago, that perfectly captures our madcapped weekend in the city.

Die Torte ist Weg is about a beautiful pink frosted cake which is stolen by some rat like creatures. Interwoven around this story are a myriad of other stories that all end up entwined in the hunting and eating of the cake. I love books which are filled full of tiny images that it wakes you a good ten minutes to scan every square inch, like Richard Scarry, Where’s Wally, the Usborne language books.

The best bit is tracking down the chameleons who cleverly blend into the background, the football obsessed frogs, and best of all some tiny chicks who fall asleep in a mitten.


One thought on “Hamburgers, Berliners and Franzbrotchen

  1. How dare you tease me with all those photos of foreign food! It looks like you had a delicious time. Honestly, if I ever get out of the U.S., I have a feeling I’ll be much more concerned with food than the site-seeing and historical momuments.

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