Ponyo Taiyaki


Ponyo is a crazy adventure about a rebellious goldfish that defies her father who is a sorcerer and swims to the mainland. She meets a young boy, Sosuke who looks after her as she gradually transforms into a little girl. In her transformation she accidentally sets off an oceanic surge that fills the sea with ancient Devonian fish and causes the seas to rise. It’s a wonderful story about the our relationship sea and the need to respect the power of nature.

Ponyo-500You won’t see any cuddly clown fish in this movie. Instead there are kaleidoscopic jelly fish and Devonian Gogonasus and Licosus. Its like watching an animated episode of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet.

I watched this again for the upteenth time – and decided to make some Taiyaki. Taiyaki means ‘grilled sea bream’ but is in fact a little fish shaped pancake filled with delicious sweet gorgeous fillings.

The place to go for these little Japanese delights is Asakusa. This Taiyaki shop sells the most amazing taiyaki filled with either custard, chestnut or red bean filling.

Asakusa TaiyakiTaiyaki

They have these huge metal plates that they use to cook the batter before scooping in the fillings.

Custard Fish - Asakasua - 04

And here they are ready to eat!

Custard Fish - 2We bought out Taiyaki pan in Tokyo’s Kappabashi-dori (Kitchen Street) – its a petite two fish pan that we spent 4 hours scouring the kitchen shops for.

Recipe & Instructions

We used a basic pancake batter recipe with a bit of bicarb of soda for a fluffier dough and made some really thick birds eye custard for the filling.

But rather than explain it – watch this great series “Cooking with Dog” to learn how to make these.


Taiyaki dough


TaiyakiFinished Fishes


One thought on “Ponyo Taiyaki

  1. Custard Fishies look delicious! Dad says he would like to try one. Great photos. xx.

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