Moomins Cook Book

My lovely friend Rachel just sent me this book as a surprise – “The Moomins Cookbook: An Introduction to Finnish Cuisine”.  

Moomin CookbookNow, when its sub-zero outside and your wearing two pairs of tights, a blanket and a woolly hat – Finnish Troll cooking is just the thing you need!

The cook-book is based on the works of Tove Jansson and the Finn Family Moomintrolls – Moominpappa, Moominmamma and Moomintroll – as well as the extended family of bizarre characters – Snork Maiden, Sniff, Snufkin, the twins, Thingumy and Bob and Little My – definitely not names you would want to name your future child! 🙂

I loved the Moomins growing up – and had no idea until recently that these white blobby people with enormous noses were actually supposed to be trolls!

I never had the books – but watched the cartoons in the 90s. I always had a thing for the mysterious Snufkin.

Here’s an episode featuring the Hattyfattners.

The cookbook has some magical ingredients like cloudberries, cardamon and lemon balm leaves, but there are also some basic ones – that don’t require a hike to the Moominvalley supermarket.

The best recipes, however, are those with the more exotic Finnish staples….like smoked fish and pickles.  Fish Solyanka made with either zander or pike – and filled with gerkins and capers. Or Seven Seas Smoked Fish Salad with pickled mussels, Baltic herring and halibut.

Then there’s some great mysteriously flavoured cakes and drinks like; Ligonberry and cardamon cake with Mominpapa’s grog made from cardamon, ginger, blackcurrant and almonds.

But the favourite of the Moomins – that make quite a few appearances in the book – are pancakes!

“The dark came billowing over the river, and they began to steer the raft back towards land. At the shore, they found a nice place among the tree roots; they built a fire and baked pancakes, which they ate as soon as they were ready (the only correct way to eat pancakes).” (p113)

Moomin PancakesMoomin pancakes drawing

My favourite pancakes: buckwheat with nutella and cream spread.


And just because I love pancakes and general silliness. Here is the Bacon Pancake song from “Adventure Time”.

If you’re in the mood for more Finnish fare…try Karelian pies from Cakecrumbsbeachsand.


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