Happy New Year

Happy New Year (especially to my new nephew born at 9.18am this morning! Happy Birthday). We celebrated with a wee trifle chocked full of passion-fruits.


Princess Bubblegum Passionfruit Cake

Oh my GLOB! If you haven’t seen Adventure Time on the Cartoon Network – go and watch it immediately. Its almost impossible to explain. Its a mash-up of Japanese anime and fairy tales, sprinkled with psychedelic magic dust. Its dark and twisted and light and joyful all at the same time. Some of the crazy… Continue reading Princess Bubblegum Passionfruit Cake


Treacle Scones and the Well of Malevolent Evil

The Well of Malevolent Evil, by Bananamondaes. “They all knew it was there. The well of Malevolent Evil. All the villagers steered clear of it. The local birds refused to perch on it. Flowers refused to grow near it. And yet, there it stood, in the midst of the Darewood common, a mere stone’s throw from… Continue reading Treacle Scones and the Well of Malevolent Evil


Wild Thing Toffee Pudding

“Run boy run! The sun will be guiding you Run boy run! They’re dying to stop you Run boy run! This race is a prophecy Run boy run! Break out from society” I have been watching this phenomenally epic music video by WildKids all weekend. I love how you think he is being chased at… Continue reading Wild Thing Toffee Pudding


The Great Pumpkin – Donuts!

“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” Linus:  “Dear Great Pumpkin, I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. I hope you will bring me lots of presents. Charlie Brown: “Who are you writing to Linus?” Linus: “This is the time of… Continue reading The Great Pumpkin – Donuts!


Mr Dough and the Egg Princess

There is something so simple yet complex about the humble egg. It’s so small, but holds a world of possibilities. It is the glue of spongey cakes, becomes a hangover cure when fried on toast, fuel to face your inbox in the morning, and comfort food as an omlette in the evening. Every country seems… Continue reading Mr Dough and the Egg Princess


Japan – Part 5: Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market, pronounced “tskee-gee”,  is the biggest fish market in the world with fish arriving daily, caught from the seas around the world. The market is like a secret society. 400 years old, it is drenched in history and tradition. There are special memberships, secret entrances, uniforms, secret signals to buy fish, and early… Continue reading Japan – Part 5: Tsukiji Fish Market


Japan – Part 4: Okonomiyaki

This week – I have a guest post from my other half! “Our trip to Japan was amazing.  As both of us love our food, the majority of our time was dedicated to working our way through the amazing breadth of culinary experiences available.  The highlights for me, however, were the two times that we… Continue reading Japan – Part 4: Okonomiyaki


Japan – Part 3: Breakfasts of a Geisha

Once known as the ‘floating world’, Gion (Kyoto) is a mixture of cobbled streets, zen buddist temples, tea houses and the secretive and exclusive Ryotei restaurants.  In between them are large Geisha houses that stretch hundreds of metres back from the street. Hidden from view are the Maiko (trainee geisha) and Geiko, as they are… Continue reading Japan – Part 3: Breakfasts of a Geisha


Japan – Part 2: The Rabbit Cafe

The Rabbit Cafe “Usagi no cafe, doko desu ka?” Where is the rabbit cafe? We must have asked countless shop owners, bemused Japanese policeman and taxi drivers this question. Although news of the Rabbit Cafe may have reached the UK, it had not, it appeared, reached the neighbours of the said, Cafe of Rabbits. Why… Continue reading Japan – Part 2: The Rabbit Cafe


Japan – Part 1: Relaxing Times – Rilakkuma

Warning: This blog is about to be hit by a flurry of Japanese posts as we have just returned from two brilliant weeks in Tokyo and Kyoto. There will be a never-ending amount of gratuitous food shots and ‘kawaii’ – Japanese cuteness. Some of the items of food or cartoons I discuss may appear irrational… Continue reading Japan – Part 1: Relaxing Times – Rilakkuma

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Oskar and the Ice Pick Ice-Cream

I think I’ve read Oskar and the Ice Pick a hundred times. It’s such a brilliantly written book. There’s no lengthy discussions. No explanations. Just a pure and crazy storyline. Its also quite dark and cold. There are orphans, kidnappings, long and dangerous journeys and dark evil characters. Children are even locked in prison. All… Continue reading Oskar and the Ice Pick Ice-Cream